June 13, 2021 10:23 am

Why Mahama must issue a response to Atubiga’s claims now – Captain Smart

Former President, John Dramani Mahama, has been advised to issue a statement to respond to some allegations being peddled against some of his ministers whilst in government.

A former stalwart of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Stephen Atubiga, who was cited for contempt and went to jail in his defense of the party during the 2012 election petition, has said Mahama’s ministers were awarding contracts to their girlfriends.

In an interview with Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV, on why he quitted the party to form his own, Mr. Atubiga, said the NDC neglected him whilst in prison, and did same after his release. He told Kofi the only booty they enjoyed from the then NDC government, was buying contracts from the girlfriends of Ministers, and awarding them (girlfriends) 10% of the sum since those girlfriends couldn’t execute the contracts themselves.

But speaking on the Smart Show on Smart TV Wednesday, May 26, 2021, fully monitored by, host, Captain Smart said, “based on what Atubiga has said, President Mahama must issue a statement now” to explain if he was aware his ministers were selling off state contracts to their girlfriends.

The act according to an audit expert who called into the show said was in contradiction to the Public Procurement Act and demands immediate investigation.

Captain Smart was speaking on excessive borrowing by Ghanaian leadership but with nothing substantial to account for.

His outburst stems from the World Bank President’s caution to president Akufo-Addo to halt the excessive borrowing before it exacerbates to the total breakdown of the Ghanaian economy.

The World Bank President, David Malpass asked Ghana to reduce its non-concessional borrowing because of its impact on future generations. According to him, “holding down the non-concessional debt means higher interest rate debt because that burdens the further generations.” Mr Malpass was responding to a question posed by Joy Business’ George Wiafe, who participated in a virtual Media Roundtable for some journalists in Western and Central Africa.

Delving into the country’s rate of borrowing and it’s impact on development, Mr. Smart indicated “a loan has been taken in the name of every road in Ghana. If you’re a leader and wants to be respected, you don’t sell off the properties of the family and misuse it—[the proceeds].

“Based on what Atubiga has said, president Mahama should issue a statement now.
Whilst school pupils are sitting on the floor without desks, the NDC built a $20 million office and the NPP are allegedly looking for funds to build their national headquarters too.

“Which of the NDC and NPP executives would let their kids school in such a place?– [referring to a footage where the kids were sitting on the floor] If it’s a no, you should reason to fix these schools before your party office. This is happening because they’re building political parties instead of a nation.

He additionally spoke about the increasing unemployment rate in the country.

“The youth are not getting jobs to do. You’ll see a first class student selling second hand clothing, bread with his/her certificate, yet when our leaders take loans, they don’t use it for anything better,” he stated.

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