May 28, 2024 1:53 am

Mother kills 12-year-old son over missing memory card

A Chicago mother has been charged for allegedly killing her 12-year-old son over a missing SD memory card.

Fallon Harris, 37, is accused of shooting her son, Kaden Ingram in the head multiple times inside their South Chicago home, in the morning of Saturday, September 11, 2021.

Prosecutors alleged in court that security cameras inside the home captured Harris pointing her gun at her son as she demanded he hand over the memory card, CBS2 reports.

When the boy said he didn’t have the card, Harris allegedly fired a single shot at her son’s head.

The boy was “conscious and crying” after the first shot, according to prosecutors.

Harris allegedly took a phone call while her son was lying on the kitchen floor and came back to demand the memory card again.

Kaden Ingram was shot in the head by his mother when she accused him of stealing an SD memory card.

She then shot her son in the head a second time, prosecutors allege.

Police were alerted by two family members whom Harris had called immediately after the shooting to allegedly admit what she had done.

Responding, officers found the boy lying on the kitchen floor with multiple gunshot wounds to his head.

Kaden was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Harris has been charged with first-degree murder.

She was refused bail during a brief court hearing Sunday, where the judge ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Family members told investigators that the mother had been displaying paranoid behavior prior to the shooting.

The mother has a concealed carry license and owns two guns, according to prosecutors.


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