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‘So someone should commit incest tomorrow and tell us that is the plus (+)?’ – Sam George asks LGBTQ+ advocates

Ningo Prampram’s legislator, Samuel Nartey George has cooked the goose of gay rights proponents saying what they seek to protect is indeterminate. 

The Member of Parliament says every right must be defined within a certain context, but that of the LGBTQ+ people does not satisfy that definiteness because of the plus (+) attached to the name.

On JoyNews’ NewsFile Saturday, October 9, 2021 which Ghanasonline.com monitored, Mr. George indicated the + assigned to their name makes it vague, which can open the floodgates for other heinous acts to be perpetrated.

He said there has never been such “instance in the history of legal jurisprudence where you demand a right that has no boundaries?”

“When you ask for a particular right, it is defined within a certain context – the right to association; the right to life; the right to freedom of expression. Tell me how you want the court to enforce a right that is indeterminate.  LGBTQI rights are indeterminate.  Do you know why? They add plus (+).  So what does plus stand for?”

“So you want the court to give a right where tomorrow if somebody wakes up and tells us that having sex with your child or your own sibling, which is incest, constitutes the plus?

“How can you possibly be demanding legal enforcement of rights which are without boundaries and [rather] open?,” he questioned.

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This, aside other varying reasons including the affront to both cultural and religious values of Ghana and the low tolerance of Ghanaians for the act are the reasons the MP says homosexuality has no place in this polity, therefore sponsoring a bill to criminalise it.

Regarding the argument of unnatural canal knowledge in Section 104 of the Criminal Code including heterosexuals having sex unnaturally, such as oral sex, Sam George said “nobody engaging in oral sex is forming an organisation and demanding that you respect their rights.”

The bill has been tagged as anti LGBT but its promoters led by Sam George, say it is in the interest of the nation that an appropriate legal framework makes advocacy for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender rights illegal.

Series of controversies have emerged especially after two separate groups – made up of well learned people – submitted proposals opposing the bill, following Parliament’s call for groups and individuals to submit memos on it.

One of the groups, the Human Rights Coalition says the Bill is in direct conflict with a number of constitutionally-protected fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Again, it argues that the provisions of the Bill are incompatible with a number of international human rights instruments to which Ghana is a State Party.

The other coalition led by Private Legal Practitioner, Akoto Ampaw, argues that the bill criminalizes dissenting view and expressions contrary to the words ‘freedom and justice’ that emblazon our coat of arms.

Source: Ghanasonline.com

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