April 23, 2024 12:46 pm

Michael Doe Dzade writes: Celebrating two decades of Togbe Afede XIV; a reign of regality, nobility and pride

In the realm of royalty, where history and power intertwine, a king stands tall, his regal presence commanding the utmost respect and admiration.

October 4th this year, the Asogliawo and Ghanaians will gather to celebrate a momentous occasion, as the Agbogbomefia of Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV mark two decades of ascension to the throne.

Majestic in every sense, Togbe Afede XIV has steered the kingdom through the ebbs and flows of time, leading with unwavering dedication and grace. His reign has been nothing short of illustrious, characterised by remarkable achievements and transformative initiatives that have left an indelible mark on the State of Asogli and its people thereby creating a niche at the global stage.

With each passing year, Togbe Afede’s regality has grown, shining brighter and more resplendent than ever before. His unwavering commitment to his duties and his people has made him an emblem of nobility, as he has tirelessly dedicated himself to the welfare and prosperity of his subjects.

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Glorious is the word that echoes through the halls as we celebrate this momentous milestone. For twenty years, Togbe Afede XIV has upheld the values of his ancestors and the traditions of the Asogli State, embodying the very essence of what it means to be Agbogbomefia.

His dignified presence inspires reverence among all who have been fortunate enough to witness his rule.

Esteemed by his subjects, adored by his courtiers, and respected by leaders across the realms, nationally and internationally, Togbe Afede has carved a place for himself in the annals of history. His name is spoken with honour and admiration, a testament to his countless accomplishments and the positive impact he has made on the lives of his people.

As we gather to honour this time-honoured ruler, we cannot help but reflect on the countless triumphs that have accompanied his reign. Through his visionary leadership, the State of Asogli has received national and international recognition while citizens of Asogli have status to be proud of.

His victories may not be military conquests but wise counsel and timely interventions that keep fostering unity, harmony, and prosperity within the State of Asogli.

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Stately and magnificent, Togbe Afede XIV embodies the epitome of royalty not just in dressing but dignity, principle, wealth and affability. His accomplishments have transcended mere titles and accolades; they have woven a tapestry of greatness that has forever altered the course of time.

His twenty-year celebration is a testament to his unwavering dedication, his unwavering commitment, and his unwavering love for his people.

As 2023 Te Za draws near, we honour a king who has accomplished what few can even dream of achieving. His legacy will endure for generations to come, inspiring future rulers to emulate his greatness. With hearts filled with gratitude and admiration, we join in this grand celebration, paying tribute to a king who has graced our lives and the kingdom with twenty extraordinary years of reign.

Long live the king!
Prosperity be unto your subjects!!

By Michael Doe Dzade

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