July 24, 2021 12:19 am

‘Africa lacks leadership; those who rule feel it’s their birth right’ – Okatakyie Afrifa

Broadcast journalist and Activist, Okatakyie Afrifa-Mensah, has averred, that Africa does not have leadership but rather, some individuals who feel it’s their birth right to rule over people and subject them to the colonial treatment.

He says the thinking faculties of African leaders as exemplified in their leadership suggests they’re doing the people favour by exercising these birth rights bequeathed to them by their forefathers.

Speaking about African leadership on the Smart Show on Smart TV, he buttressed his assertion with a scenario like the Founder’s/Founders’ Day debate and change of names in Ghana.

“When it comes to ideologists, today you’ll hear Kwame Nkrumah’s day has been changed to this today and that tomorrow. They intentionally do that. They want to distort history so that the people would know that their fathers and great grandfathers were the people who actually gave us independence and for that matter, it is their birth right to rule,” he disclosed.

He added that, “when you go to Ivory Coast, Togo, Nigeria, Gabon and the other countries, it’s the same thing because it is either their father, grandfather or uncle was once a president so they feel they’re entitled to it.”

He said the enlightened populace expected to protect the continent against invaders are rather the ones kicking against their own people.

“… so Africa is suffering from what we call Auto Immune Disease – [the cells supposed to fight diseases rather fights the organs in the body] –so the doctors will tell you, in the body we have Red and White blood cells that protect the body against diseases. But in this case, these cells rather fight the organs in the body. And I call these people White Black Cells because they’re black in skin but white in thinking,” he told host, Captain Smart, whilst Ghanasonline.com monitored.

This, he indicated, is “the reason they seek education, healthcare and buy properties from UK because they are white in thinking but black in colour.”

He bemoaned the spate of African leaders seeking solutions to indigenous problems from the Western world, whilst it (Africa) has all the requisite tools to propel on its developmental trajectory.

“There is over 1.2 billion population in Africa. Why can’t they (African states) do things amongst themselves? About 66% of the world’s arable lands are in Africa yet Ghana imports over $2 billion worth of food in a year. Why should 54 bunch of old men get up to a small boy like Macron for him to help them solve their problems? If with your 54 votes at the UN assembly you still can’t solve your problems, then you’re sick,” said the former host of Happy FM’s “Ɛpa Hoa, Dabɛn?”

Home-grown solutions

Advancing his thoughts, Okatakyie professed some homegrown policies to the African leadership, specifically to Ghana, to help solve the problems in the country.

He said the state farms policy Dr. Nkrumah introduced must be brought back, invest in animal farming and establish abattoirs in each region where these animals would be slaughtered. He further advised for efficient usage of seized excavators from galamsey sites to expand the river banks to provide more water to harness irrigation, create avenues for proper Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) that would be beneficial to the people, and introduce modern day Agricultural technology to enhance farming.

“There are home-grown policies to solve our problems. We don’t need IMF and World Bank because they were created to control Africa.

“Let’s reintroduce the state farms Nkrumah started instead of building hostels for Kayayees in Accra. Why do these young ones come all the way from the North to do Kayayee in Accra? It is because there are no jobs. But if you say you’re building hostels for them, that’s legalising illegality for political capital. Let’s rear animals and build abattoirs in all the regions and set up policies to create market for them. Today, a lot of meat is imported so people don’t patronise the local ones that are fresh.

“Why do we burn excavators when we can use them to open the river banks and dredge them to lay proper irrigation systems for farming? So we can zone the country and know what we’ll use each area for.

“People move from their villages to choke in Accra because there are no jobs there. If government reduce taxes and partner investors to open more businesses– I mean proper PPP that would help the country not the ones we see—it will curb the [rural urban] migration.

“The cutlass and hoe used for farming is past. Let’s use the modern day technology and means of agriculture. Ghana has grown cocoa for over a century yet we couldn’t devise a machine to harvest it but China has been able to do so after few years of producing cocoa,” he suggested.

He let alone explained that, the youth calling for change are not in competition or brawl with the leadership but the change in style of leading is what they seek.

“We are never fighting or in competition with you but we are asking you to change the style of leadership. There must be a national policy to be followed,” he expressed.

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