June 12, 2021 7:23 pm

‘You’re The Last Hope’ – Captain Smart charges Ghanaian diaspora

Members of the Ghanaian diaspora have been described as “ the last hope” to pivot the reengineering of the country.

The diaspora, with their expertise in various fields from several countries will easily booster the fortunes of Ghana according to Captain Smart, host of the Smart Show on Smart TV.

“Government should be able to position itself to benefit from the diaspora. They have many things to offer but when they come to Ghana to even invest, we drain them and get them discouraged. The diaspora office at the presidency should have contacted the Ghanaians in Italy who are into tomato plantation, when their harvesting season is over and they come home for holidays, you tap into their knowledge by sending them to the field to teach our local farmers to promote agriculture. They should have been those surrounding the ‘Agric. Ministry’ and not the party cronies,” he explained.

He further suggested that “government [can] furnish the Sagleme housing so that when the health professionals outside come, we give it to them for their short stay, send them to the villages to inculcate the knowledge they have to the nurses there who don’t have certain experiences. By the time they’ll be leaving, another batch would be coming” so that we run it in that succession.

He revealed that an amount of $3.1 billion—according to the finance minister — is remitted to Ghana annually, which spells the enormity of the diaspora’s contribution in developing Ghana.

He intimated many Ghanaians are making exploits to the global world whereas Ghana wallows in poverty and underdevelopment at the expense of other nations benefiting from the enterprises of its people.

“When you go to the Whitehouse, there are many forensic analysts who are Ghanaians. The one who tested and analysed for them (US) to know this is the blood of Osama Bin Laden is a Ghanaian. Adwoa Asamoah is a Ghanaian and she is the Security Advisor to Biden. A whole US president. At Ford, [Vehicle manufacturing company] their dashboard expert is a Ghanaian from Volta region. We say Ford has a beautiful interior decoration but the brain behind is a Ghanaian. In Israel, they use the sand in the sea to make cream and the person who analyses the chemical components is a Ghanaian from Nzema. A Ghanaian invented fibre optic,” he disclosed.

Speaking on the Monday, May 24, 2021 edition of the show, he established how the French, German and American revolutions succeeded with the the diaspora.

He explained that, the three revolutions all had an element of “hope” in their themes, which inspired the principles on which those revolts were built.

“When Rousseau [Jean-Jacques Rousseau] started the French revolution, he said we are going in for what belongs to us and leave what doesn’t belong to us. The revolution’s theme was “Our Hope”. The German Revolution’s theme meant “With Hope” and the US own was “Hope in God” before it became In God We Trust. This hope were the diaspora they used to build their nations. The US signed an agreement with the UK to return all their people with highest IQ,” he narrated.

Mr. Smart noted it was time the youth rose and demanded accountability from the leadership through action, rather than the “Nyame bɛyɛ” (God will do it) syndrome, making the Ghanaian solve physical problems with spiritual approach.

He explained that even though 6,000; 17,000 and 60,000 oldies who became impediment to the French, German and American revolutions respectively were eliminated, he’s not calling on people to exhibit vandalism or demand immediate change of leadership but rather change in the style of leadership.

“One of the principles of the French Revolution was to ‘take care of the reasonable sensible old’ and that’s why over 6000 old men and women were buried alive. The unreasonable and insensible old men and women were buried alive.

“In the German Revolution, one of their principles was ‘Give Way’ so when you become a stumbling block, they’ll eliminate you and that’s why they buried 17,000 old men and women alive.

“And in the American Revolution, those who were still in bed with the British were all eliminated and that was why they killed 60,000 people, but I am not saying any youth should go and vandalise or kill anybody. Like I’ve always said and I’ll repeat, we are not looking for change in leaders but change in the style of leadership” Smart emphasised.

He noted governance is a blend of the youth and the aged but in Ghana’s case, many of the aged have nothing reasonable to bequeath to the young ones.

“We need a mental revolution to go to the agencies and ask questions for solutions but not to sit down to massage the issues. All the revolutions relied on one thing– those in the diaspora. Ghanaians in the UK, US, Europe and everywhere, you’re the last hope of the country,” he charged.





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