June 12, 2021 10:11 am

Why an institution must be named after the National Chief Imam – Captain Smart

Blessed Godsbrain Smart has said the National Chief Imam, Sheik Usman Nuhu Sharubutu, has exhibited the truest tenet of leadership by making others feel comfortable at his own expense.

This he says warrants a full institution under the Sheik’s superintendence to impart Ghanaian politicians on the tenets of good governance.

The Ghanaian politician according to Mr. Smart is only concerned with misusing loans secured in the name of the state. But the top clergy, through his deeds, has the interest of the people at heart.

“The National Chief Imam must be given a school to teach the politicians how to govern because he knows what it takes to be a leader.

“See, a certain man visited the National Chief Imam with his wife and there were three seats. The two men sat on the seats besides that of the Chief Imam (the middle seat), expecting the woman to stand somewhere. But Chief Imam relegated his seat for the woman. So obviously one of the men had to get up. This is a leader whose thinking is to make his followers comfortable. We must establish a school, name it after him so that he teaches the politicians how to lead,” he explained.

His comments come on the back of numerous loans taken by politicians with nothing to show for. He says politicians are keen on squandering loans without developing the state.

Captain furthered that an amount of $33billion  according Dr Bawumia could have solved so many problems in the country but couldn’t use more than that amount to undertake even half of the developments he spoke about whilst in opposition.

“Before Dr. Bawumia became Vice President, he said Ghana was owing $33 billion and that amount could build 600 Senior High Schools, Ultramodern hospitals in the country, 1000km of asphalt roads in each region, build the Accra to Paga railway, construct an Accra – Kumasi dual carriage and even have a surplus.

“But as we speak now, as head of the Economic Management Team, you – NPP government –have borrowed more than that amount. But what have they done with it?,” he quizzed.

“A learned economist like Bawumia who was then deputy governor of Bank of Ghana with his analysis said $33billion could have done all these for us to get a surplus but they’re in power and they can’t do anything with the money they have borrowed which is more than that amount,” he added.

He emphasised that he is not discouraging borrowing because every nation does. However, the monies should be put to good use.

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