June 13, 2021 12:14 pm

The GFA should renovate their brains – Captain Smart

The Onua Maakye show host on Onua TV, Blessed Godsbrain Smart has told the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to renovate its brains to propel Ghana football to create employment for the youth. 

He says the GFA alone could employ 5 million youth if its business focus is fully enhanced with the right structures in place.

In a discussion with presenters of Onua Sports this morning, Mr. Smart said the paintings and renovations at the Association’s offices should not be a priority now, but rather, institution of programmes and policies to provide jobs for the youth.

“Not every renovation is relevant. They should renovate their brains not the offices. I’m talking about the institution GFA not personalities. What has the GFA done in itself to create employment for the youth of this country? See, the GFA alone can employ 5 million people. I am not a football person but you know I’m drafting a document on sports and very soon, I’ll present it to them,” he told presenters, Isaac Ansah Apagya and Alfred Takyi Mensah on the segment, whilst keenly followed.

Mr. Smart explained how countries like Denmark and others have capitalised on football to invest in people to provide jobs for its graduates.

“Denmark FA president sat down one day and said, we always go to the World Cup and come back but henceforth, we won’t do just that as an Association. So they tasked the University in their capital [Copenhagen] to train 24 people who will design their national team jerseys and since then, they have been doing their own thing,” he disclosed.

He added that colts football which unearthed talents from communities to feed the respective leagues and national teams collapsed until the current administration’s move to rejuvenate it.

This he indicated was a problem which should have been resolved long ago without delay to cripple the nation’s football base.

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