May 30, 2024 6:50 pm

Man bites off another’s ear for squeezing his testicles over “wee” soup

30-year-old Emmanuel Agbeko has had his ear bitten off as a result of a scuffle on marijuana (wee) soup.

The incident occurred at Assin Adadientam in the Assin Central district of the Central Region.

According to a report keenly followed by, Angel FM’s Osei Kwadwo “Ambassador” said a group of young men prepared soup to eat at the twilight of Monday, September 20, 2021.

Isaac Afiga, the culprit, then sprinkled some marijuana into the soup according to the reporter.

In the process, Mr. Agbeko, the victim, who was passing by advised Afiga to stop the act considering  the fact that the kids around would equally consume some of the soup.

“…it then turned into a fight. Agbeko got hold of Afiga’s testicles and started squeezing.
He had no choice than to bite his ear due to the pain he was suffering from his testicles. The ear then fell down,” Osei Kwadwo narrated.

When asked if the soup was consumed after the incident, he indicated the two other guys consumed everything saying “even if the ear had fallen into it, we would have chewed it because it is meat.”

The culprit is currently with the Assin Praso police assisting in investigation whilst the victim is receiving treatment at the hospital.


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