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Public Expenditure Irregularities: attitudinal change, capacity; the means to curb canker – Finance expert

A Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School’s (UGBS) Finance Department, Dr. Vera Ogeh Lassey Fiador, has said attitudinal change should not be relegated aside capacity, in trying to curb the irregularities in Ghana’s Public Financial Management System. 

Dr. Vera Ogeh Lassey Fiador, Finance Department, UGBS

She notes despite the quest to put structures in place to ensure public expenditure does not go down the drain, there is the need to positively alter people’s attitude to bring these changes to fruition.

She was speaking to after leading a presentation at a roundtable discussion by the Economic Governance Platform on the theme, “Review of Ghana’s Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Reports to draw lessons for Strategic Allocation of Resources and Efficiency of Service Delivery”.


The event presented a comprehensive review and critique of the 2006 – 2018 Public Expenditure and Financial  Accountability (PEFA).

“…There are capacity issues, attitudinal problems so beyond just structural issues we also need to start working on attitude to make sure that whatever problem we find, we get people who are serious enough to see the implementation and then there should also be some kind of accountability and oversight –if somebody does not deliver on the mandate they’re supposed to, then there is the need to start querying people on those,” she told

Speaking further, Dr. Fiador indicated the exercise was to ascertain the impact of the numerous strategies adopted over the years to reform Ghana’s Public Financial Management System, “especially the fact that there was a well revised PEFA framework somewhere in 2016 and going forward, giving where we’ve come from, it’s important that we put everything together and not just be doing the sideload solution.”

With a new baseline for the 2018 report after the revised PEFA, she underscored the need to assess what authorities have tried to resolve over the years, to see where the challenges have persisted, juxtaposing subsequent reports with previous ones.

Systematic issues such as capacity, timeliness, information flow and accessibility were part of the constraints Dr. Fiador expressed.

Meanwhile, Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem, the Controller and Accountant General, speaking at the event berated the researchers’ failure to engage his outfit to outline the developments being undertaken so far.

Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem is Ghana’s Controller and Accountant General 

Three years down the lane, Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem said most of the issues discovered in the 2018 Public Financial report have been addressed and ought not to have appeared in the research.


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