July 12, 2024 4:37 am

KNUTSFORD University College bags two International Awards from UK

KNUTSFORD University College has received two international awards in Dubai for its stupendous role in providing tertiary education in Ghana. 

The awards were given by an institution in the UK called the Global Union in Innovation Development and Education (GUIDE), with focus on development of innovative ideas and projects undertaken by the school.

The two distinctions attained were “Global Excellence in Education” and “University of the Year, 2021”.

After receiving the honours, Founder and Pro Chancellor of the school, John Kwamena Essel, told Ghanasonline.com the university’s quest to deliver quality education to Ghanaians and foreigners alike, vis-à-vis the small fees being charged, is what warranted them the glory.

John Kwamena Essel, Founder of KNUTSFORD Univ. College receiving one of the awards from H.E. Sheikh Eng. Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi in Dubai

The awards, he noted, is a means to an end, driving them to strive further towards their vision.

“This award mean so much to us and challenges us to live to our vision statement which among others seeks to put us out as one of the best universities in Africa. We are seeing these awards as a means to an end and not an end of itself.”

“This is encouraging and propelling us to live to become a global institution of excellence and also enter into various forms of innovative challenges that makes us one of the best universities in the world,” he told Ghanasonline.com.

The Pro Chancellor furthered that the awards indicate the private sector’s level of competence given the needed push.

“These also put joy in our hearts regarding the entire private set up in the country that given the private sector the opportunity, we’ll be able to excel. It should put confidence in guardians, parents and government that given the right support, we can do better,” he added.

KNUTSFORD Univ. College campus at East Legon, Accra

Affiliated to the University of Ghana and the University of Development Studies (UDS), KNUTSFORD, even though restricted from undertaking certain initiatives, Mr. Essel said “we also have some freedom to innovate and our student size gives us the chance to have one-on-one contacts and we have certain courses that we are allowed to input which makes this school standout from the public schools.”

Also, the Founder expressed the university’s intention to expand its students and faculty exchange programmes to cushion their global outlook and the image their laurels have created for them on the international stage.

“These international awards mean that whatever we’re doing here is being respected elsewhere and it’s a credit for us all as a country. Sometimes we spend so much on education abroad and we are building ourselves in such a way that the amount being invested in education abroad could be used to sponsor more people here since we have the same education here”

Mr. Essel interacting with H.E. Sheikh Eng. Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi

Additionally, Mr. Essel lauded government’s effort in ensuring private educational institutions attain autonomy, after the mentorship from their affiliated universities.

“We are happy with the fact that government is trying to help private schools to be on their own charter even though we are yet to know all the requirements, we are hoping that the requirements will still help us to be innovative which will create some differences, compared to what we already have,” he indicated.

Source: Ghanasonline.com

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