July 13, 2024 10:03 pm

LGBTQ+ issue requires no dialogue; we need not waste time on it – Tafohene

Nana Agyen-Frimpong Ababio, chief of Tafo in the Ashanti Region has said Ghana needs not waste time discussing the LGBTQ+ matters. 

He says the constitution of every nation is built on culture and as abominable as LGBTQ is, it should be outlawed outrightly without meriting discussions for children to even hear about it.

He was contributing on the issue Tuesday, October 12, 2021 on Onua TV’s morning show, ‘Maakye’, monitored by Ghanasonline.com.

“We need not to think about gayism at all nor even talk about it for children to hear. It is a curse. Before the advent of the Bible, there was nothing like that. This needs no dialogue. Are you going to allow me marry my daughter? You same hypocrites would say it’s a taboo. All proponents of gayism should be beheaded. That’s the fact of the issue”

“Why did God said he was destroying Sodom and Gomorrah? Couldn’t have God created a man with both penis and vagina?He created a male and female. Are lesbians and gays going to give birth? It is a grave taboo,” he told host, Captain Smart.

Nana Ababio added that the Australian Ambassador for instance whose agenda is to push for the legalisation of LGBTQ “should have been banished from Ghana” without any delay.

Nana admonished the leadership of the country to reason with their brains to make decisions for the country rather than subjecting themselves as poodles for the West.

Ghanaian customs and traditions, which according to the chief frowns on acts like corruption, rape, murder, pedophilia and others is reflective in the constitution with their respective sanctions, but are gradually being disregarded by political authority.

This he said is the reason condemned criminals are pardoned from jail to pave way for politicians to perpetuate their greed and selfishness.

The Bill, tagged Anti LGBTQ+ bill, has received several memoranda from the public after it was presented to Parliament as a private member bill with Ningo Prampram MP, Sam George, leading the course.

Amongst the memoranda are two separate ones presented by two groups constituting 15 academics, lawyers, professors and other respectable portfolios sparking an unending debate in the country.

Churches such as the Church of Pentecost, Anglican, the Catholic Bishops Conference and others have also declared their support for the passage of the bill as well as some traditional authorities.

Source: Ghanasonline.com

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