May 30, 2024 7:28 pm

Anti Gay Bill: How an Apostle of God ‘kissed’ Kwaku Bonsam and ‘kicked’ an evangelist at Onua TV studios

Head pastor of Evangelical Methodist Church at Asylum Down in Accra, Apostle Dr Daniel Adjei, is fully convinced Kwaku Bonsam will make heaven ahead of his ‘colleague’ christian brother, Evangelist Edward Freeman. 

He has advised Kwaku Bonsam to quit his fetishism and join him to establish a church to propagate the gospel of Christ.

His reason is that, whilst the self-acclaimed evangelist who preaches the word of God says he will allow his child engage in homosexuality if he/she wishes to, the fetish priest says the act is abominable and least expected an evangelist to make such pronouncements.

On Onua TV/FM’s morning show Wednesday, October 13, 2021, closely followed by, evangelist Edward Freeman noted God has given everyone a choice and whatever his child chooses to do with his/hers is their own business.

“I’m not in support of gay and if you give me GH₵30 million, I’ll not be gay but someone will do it when given even GH₵100.00 and I don’t have a problem with such a person,” he indicated.

When asked what he will do if his child tells him he/she is gay, the evangelist said “ I will tell him to stop and if he doesn’t, I’ll leave him. That’s his choice and it’s between him and God.”

But, Kwaku Bonsam, a renowned fetish priest and traditionalist, who was also a panelist on the show said homosexuality is an abomination and shouldn’t be countenanced especially from a preacher of the gospel.

Supporting his argument with the Bible, Kwaku Bonsam made several quotations including Leviticus 20: 13 which directs homosexuals to be put to death.

In the heat of the debate, Apostle Adjei, who is famously remembered for joining the #FixTheCountry protest because his members cannot pay tithes, stormed the studio to condemn what his fellow Christian was preaching about.

The Apostle indicated Kwaku Bonsam has used all the quotations he wanted to use in the Bible to preach the evangelist yet he was still adamant.

“Captain, Kwaku Bonsam has used all the quotations I was coming to use. Kwaku, I want you to stop fetishism. Come and let’s establish a church and serve in the house of God,” he told the ‘Kofi o Kofi’ deity’s servant.

Evangelist Freeman, advancing his stance argued that 1 Corinthians 6:9-13 mentions several sins that requires one to be put to death when committed, which includes gayism, and doesn’t understand why people are singling out homosexuality out of the lot.

He said those who indulge in corruption, lies, fornication and other forms of sin should all be castigated equally. Therefore, if people are calling for gays to be killed, then those who steal the State’s money, indulge in all forms of corruption, commit adultery, fornicate and others must also be killed because the Bible frowns on all.

Even though admitting it as unusual as a host, Captain Smart expressed disappointment in the evangelist, saying Proverbs 30:19 gives account of where every ‘creature’s way’ is, explicitly stating that of the man is on a woman.

The debate comes after the brouhaha following  the presentation of a bill to Parliament to criminalise homosexuality.

A memo from two groups of academics and influential people in society kicking against the bill escalated the discussions, with other groups and organisations stating their stance on the bill.


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