June 15, 2024 7:02 am

$28 million ransom shared amongst some big men to fight Anti-LGBTQ+ bill in Ghana – Captain Smart alleges

Captain Smart has alleged that prominent individuals who are strongly opposing the passage of the anti-gay bill have been induced by some powers that be.

He says a whooping $28million has been shared amongst some people to shroud the advocacy for LGBTQ+ as protection of human rights for it to be accepted in Ghana.

He said it Friday, October 15, 2021 on Onua TV/FM’s morning show, ‘Maakye’ whilst Ghanasonline.com followed.

Mr. Smart’s allegations follow the presentation of the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill in Parliament, which has brought a lot of controversies.

The bill, tagged Anti-LGBTQ+,
proposes that anyone who identifies as gay or transgender face imprisonment for up to five years and anyone who promotes or supports non-straight sexual identities be locked up for up to 10 years.

Parliament’s Committee on Constituional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, which is handling the bill allowed for memos from the public.

After two groups comprising influencial academics, lawyers, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) leaders presented two separate memos kicking against the bill, a lot of debate has been generated as many believe their stance flaunts against Ghanaian culture and values which the bill seeks to protect.

Meanwhile, the two groups believe the bill is an affront Ghana’s democracy and rights of these minorities who identity themselves as LGBTQ+.

Among the concerns people are raising, when the bill is passed, includes blacklisting of Ghana by the West who are pushing for the acceptance of the act, and would affect the country’s chances of securing loans and grants to support its budget.

Also, parliamentarians who have come out to support the bill are being denied visas at certain embassies saying the MPs should protect the rights of LGBT people.

Some religious organisations have, nonetheless, submitted their memos with some threatening to vote out MPs who will vote against the bill.

Source: Ghanasonline.com

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