June 14, 2024 6:12 am

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill: Act beyond the rhetorics – Ghanaian leaders told

The Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill after it was presented to Parliament has brought up a huge debate with many in defense and others objecting. 

Whilst proponents of the bill describe it as a good one, those in defense of homosexuality think it is sinister and draconian of all LGBTQ bills any nation would have ever passed.

Aside from those citing human rights violation as a major deformity of the draft, others believe Ghana is digging its economic grave to burry herself considering what the nation might lose if it passes the Anti-gay bill.

The argument, some people have raised, is the propensity of Ghana’s budget finding a permanent abode at the ‘Intensive Care Unit’ since many of the grants and loans from the West who are pushing for the homosexuality to be legalised would cease.

It is in light of this that the Pro Chancellor of KNUTSFORD University College, John Kwamena Essel, is asking Ghanaian leaders to act beyond the rhetorics.

John Kwamena Essel is Founder and Pro Chancellor of KNUTSFORD University College.

To be able to take strong decisions that protect the heritage of Ghanaians, Mr. Essel has asked that proper policies be developed to truly portray Ghana’s status as an independent state.

He told Ghanasonline.com in an exclusive that, “If we want to be a protective of our culture and heritage, we must walk the talk. We must act beyond the rhetorics to stop the pressure from the West in accepting what we don’t want to do.”

“…I think just talking is not enough. We now live in a global world where sometimes you’re pushed to accept what the global community decide. My biggest question to all Ghanaians is that, beyond we saying no, what are we doing to ourselves to be able to be on our feet to say really no to this?”

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“Look at a country where sometimes we have to depend upon donors to survive. If your donor is saying that you can’t be my friend because we don’t share these together so I’m withdrawing. As a country, are we working very hard to be on our feet?,” he quizzed.

He suggested therefore, that, leadership walk their talk by backing their rhetorics with action.

He opined that “If it’s all of us that are saying no, we should also be interested in working very hard to be able to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves so that we will not take any imposition” since Europe and America all contribute to the survival of Ghana’s economy.

He underscored the need to be truly independent if Ghana wants to rock shoulders with other countries “but not when your life depends on them.”

Source: Ghanasonline.com

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