May 30, 2024 12:56 pm

‘Ghana’s prisons aren’t as bad as perceived’ – Ghanaian Swiss citizen compares Nsawam to Europe

Some footages available on the media indicate the dwelling conditions of Ghanaian prisons are abhorring. 

This assertion seem to have been substantiated by reports detailing the numbers contained in the various prison wards as compared to the original figures the architectures were designed for.

However, Cynthia Hegglin, a Ghanaian Swiss citizen and CEO of Three Sisters’ Foundation, a local NGO, thinks otherwise.

She tells her observation at the female ward of the Nsawam Medium Security Prisons is “okay and same as Europe.”

Her comments stem from her experience after being convicted for three months in Switzerland for accommodating a friend who carried drugs from Ghana to her residence.

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She says after her ordeal about a decade ago, she harboured reasons to always celebrate her birthdays with prisoners, the reason her NGO visited Nsawam on her 48th Anniversary.

“Everywhere is the same. Whoever would say Europe is different, is a liar. Because when you’re in detention, it’s a hell. Detention is very hard”

“The female prison is clean and it’s really nice. The way they’re living, it’s really nice. What I’ve seen here is very okay. To be honest, it’s the same like Europe. It’s the same thing so I don’t see why people are always criticising that here it is horrible. I haven’t been where the men are but the female ward is really nice, fantastic!,” she disclosed.

In her opinion, even though she doesn’t know much about other conditions and what pertains especially inside the male ward which she had no privy to, the females sleeping place as she witnessed is a place Ghanaian leaders deserve commendation for.

“To be honest with you, I cannot say too much because I don’t have this experience in Ghana but I had it in abroad. But what I’ve been seeing on television in Ghana a, I’ll say that what they have been saying on the television is different from what I’ve seen with my eyes here in Ghana, especially the female prison,” she averred.


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