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Domelevo’s woes exemplifies constitutional flaw impeding corruption fight – GII

The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) believes Ghana’s constitution is the root cause of many of the corruption in the country, especially in the public sector. 

It has therefore reiterated the need to keep pushing for the implementation of the constitutional review recommendations to effect changes that will help curb corruption in the country.

The appointing authority of the president, especially the choosing of Chief Executive Officers for the various independent institutions, is what GII says has bedridden the state’s effort in tackling corruption.

The Programmes Manager of GII, Mary Awelana Addah had been speaking with Ghanasonline.com on the sides of an IMANI-GIZ Reform Dialogue Series (RDS) that discussed “The Risk of Corruption to Entrepreneurial and Business Growth in Ghana”, on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

The research, was 6th of the RDS that commenced about a year and a half ago with the latest edition focusing on the supply and demand side of corruption, the internal and external dimensions of corruption, and impact of corruption on businesses.

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Madam Addah noted the status quo is a fertile ground for corruption to thrive since people hold some allegiance to those who appoint them to positions.

She said the constitution must be altered to give the institutions the required independence, which they currently lack, in order to operate effectively.

“Our institutions do not have the independence to work because the appointing authority is the president and so most definitely if I’m appointed by somebody I’m beholding to the person and I answer to that person and if I do not do the ‘right’ thing, they will find ways of removing me and we know what happened to the Auditor General [Daniel Yaw Domelevo] in the past”

“We know this is a flaw in our constitution. Some recommendations were made in the constitutional review process. These have not been implemented. If we implement them it will serve our course so we need to continue to advocate that the powers of the president in appointing particularly the independence institutions cut if not for all so they have security of tenure and they know they can do the right things without any reprisals,” the GII Manager of Programmes told Ghanasonline.com.

Representatives present at the forum were the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce, GUTA, Registrar General, Ghana Integrity Initiative, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and others.

Source: Ghanasonline.com

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