May 28, 2024 12:55 am

‘We are in hardest, perilous times, girding our loins inescapable’ – Franklin Cudjoe

Founder and President of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, Franklin Cudjoe, has said girding of loins by the citizenry is inescapable considering the perilous nature of the state of affairs. 

Mr. Cudjoe believes times are hardest and the earlier Ghanaians and government itself brace up the reality, the better it would be for the times ahead.

He has charged the office of government machinery to scrap a quarter of what it intends to expend in 2022 to at least mitigate some infrastructural deficit at the education sector.

Mr. Cudjoe was commenting on the Finance Minister’s statement on the 2022 budget statement, sighted by on his Facebook wall.

“I have read the Finance Minister’s statement on the 2022 budget. Admittedly, we are in the hardest of times with a debt overhang so perilous that girding our collective loins seems inescapable. The Minority should continue discussing with government, but charity begins with the government- at least reduce the budget to the office of government machinery by 25%. It can help build a few school blocks,” the post noted.

Commending the steps taken so far by government on the Aker Energy and Agyapa deals, Mr. Cudjoe expected precise actions on the controversial E-levy aside consultation with the Minority.

“The part on Agyapa and Aker deals are a good first step to dealing with the vexed issues. We will watch the space. I had hoped there would be an emphatic statement on the E-levy, beyond consultation with the Minority and a clarification on agency fees for collecting same,” the post added.

After the presentation of the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy, series of debates have confronted certain elements of the document, particularly the introduction of the electronic levy which many have described as a lazy approach by the government to make revenue.

For the first time in the Fourth Republic, a fracas ensued in Parliament over the approval of the budget with the Minority demanding some changes on various portions they deem unfavourable for the citizenry.

Even though rejected by the Minority caucus, the ruling was overturned and the document approved under bizarre conditions by the Majority after Speaker  Alban Bagbin left for a medical trip in Dubai.


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