May 28, 2024 2:07 am

BREAKING: CCT GH sacks its president, King Ali Awudu, with immediate effect

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana (CCT GH) has sacked its president, King Ali Awudu, with immediate effect.

At a press conference organised by the Coalition Wednesday, December 22, 2021, it says Mr. Awudu’s actions have contravened “the principles of accountability, openness and fearlessness” upon which the group was formed.

It further went on to say the vibrancy of the union has taken a nose dive with several policies taken against the union with little or no resistance from the leadership due to the dormancy of Mr. Awudu since assuming office as Acting President in 2016.

The group cited the high cost of fees charged together with training schedules and durations required by one to get their licenses renewed as part of the reasons for his dismissal. Aside press releases, the union noted their former Acting President did nothing concrete to avert the issue for them.

The mass failure of many teachers who took the 2021 promotional examination according to the union was “fictitious” with Mr. Ali Awudu taking no action for members of the union.  Rather, he was giving cheeky response to those who sought help from him, making that a part of his ills.

Regarding the One Teacher One Laptop policy, “the current acting president, King Ali Awudu and co handed us a deal that lacks consultation, transparency and accountability” according to the group and says every bit of detail at their disposal was gotten from the media.

“The usage of our tier 2 funds to pre-finance the purchase of the laptops is uncalled for. This transaction brings to light the defect of the leadership.

The contract is suspicious, stakeholders like CAGD, GES and MOE have all stated certain facts with respect to the one teacher, one laptop. It is not surprising to hear the Communication Director of our own Union, Mr Adokwei Ayikwei Awulley, the mouth piece of our current acting president, insulting all teachers in an interview on a Television program, stating that teachers can leave the teaching service if they do not want the laptop. The communication director was not chastised by the acting president king Ali Awudu on this issue, a clear indication of his support. An arrogant posturing,” the group relayed.

It further indicated some internal issues which include auditing of accounts that ended up in court, distribution of stationery for members as end of year benefit which has never seen the light of day since 2018 as part of the crimes committed by the sacked president. The boasting of being a part of the killing of the Barekese headmaster on issues of financial accountability is part of the internal issues the group outlined as part of the reasons for Mr. Awudu’s ousting.

They concluded that “King Ali Awudu has fallen short of the objectives of the union. He is not a unifier but rather a divisive, arrogant, disrespectful, and a benevolent dictator. His divisive nature is spoiling the Union. King Ali Awudu does not have the welfare of the union at heart. He agrees to policies from GES and other stakeholders without consultation. His autocratic leadership can no longer work in CCT GH.”


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