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SIM re-registration: ‘Go back to Parliament and change the law if… – Ace Ankomah to NCA, Telcos

Private and renowned legal practitioner, Ace Kojo Anan Ankomah, has expressed his reservations on the ongoing SIM card re-registration.

He says a mere policy directive cannot deactivate SIM cards of Ghanaians who complied by the laws to register their SIMs as required by law.

The exercise follows a directive by the National Communications Authority (NCA) to Ghanaians to re-register their SIMs with their Telecommunications Companies (Telcos) or risk losing them after March 31, 2021.

Ghanaians, according to Mr. Ankomah, did not breach any laws and should not be made to suffer the contravention of the NCA and the Telcos on the laws.

He has therefore asked the Authority to go to Parliament and amend the laws to legalise their directive.

Below is a full statement sighted on his Facebook wall by

12 years ago, this too-known guy had a lot to say about SIM registration. Big fights. I made the mistake of going on Kwaku Sakyi-Addo’s program at Joy [FM]. Insults from callers be what? Later, I even clashed on the phone with security capo Larry Gbevlo-Lartey on Kwami Sefa-Kayi’s program on Peace [FM]. I’ve like the man no call radio station before o. But me because, he call. You see how I fool before?

Finally, we sat down to speak. Small me and some head huncho with a big post. Venue? The dark parking lot of a mall at night. Nice man. At the end, he asked me to draft and submit the law I was demanding. I did. In response, some laws were passed incorporating some of what I said, some belatedly. Paper over the cracks? I moved on. Ghanaians didn’t seem to care anyway, and I was tired of being insulted.

But, of course the regulator and the telcos then messed that registration up, bigly. That’s why we are doing this all over again. But No sanctions, No punishments to the regulator and telcos who messed up. You and I who who didn’t mess up but complied and registered, are now the only people being sanctioned with illegal threats (contained in a mere directive that purports to both have retroactive effect and – worse – amend a law) to deactivate us if we don’t go through the wahala again.

Portions of my statements and writings in 2010 were as follows :
“… the attempt to compel existing owners to register with the threat of disconnection is fraught with legal problems.
…They (sic) only other way forward, will be legislative intervention.”

You see, to acquire the right of having an activated SIM, LI 2006 demanded that I register and comply with NCA directives at the time. I did. I got the activated SIM. Deal done, dusted.

If you want to re-register with the threat to deactivate, which would take away my already, accrued, statutory right to an activated SIM, go back to Parliament and change the law. That one koraa we will debate retroactivity. But don’t even dream of doing that by way of alleged ministerial policy directions to NCA and purported NCA directives.

But this is Ghana. I’m just wasting my time and energy again. They will insult me again. No one will mind me. Another 12 years down the line, we will return to this conversation.

For those who have the time to read by rambling thoughts at the time:
Credit: #Kojo Anan Ankomah#

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