June 15, 2024 6:37 am

FENIX360: New app to help the African creative industry generate more revenue

In today’s world, musicians are moving towards independence now more than ever. With the advancement in technology, musicians now have more control over their careers than before. Hitherto, a musician would have to spend so much money on studio time to be able to record a song. Now with a laptop and affordable apps/software and equipment you can easily record, distribute and market/promote your music without any pressure from a label.

Although there is now a lot of freedom to create, one of the biggest challenges still remains that is actually being able to make a living with just your music. In this article, we highlight 5 ways you can solve the “starving artist syndrome” using just a single app— FENIX360.

How To Make Money With The FENIX360 App:

Whether it’s through concerts, selling merch, or making money from streaming, it’s more important than ever to diversify your revenue streams to build a sustainable career. With FENIX360, you can achieve all of this with a single app.

1. Earn money from Ad Revenue:

Creatives using the FENIX360 app will be able to earn money from 80% of the ad revenue generated. The FENIX360 app is structured in a way to give independent artists a fair go in the music and other art industries by providing a platform that allows them to access new fans globally. With the innovative platform, artistes can create a personalized landing page on the app to open communication channels with their fans, test new art and get feedback that’ll make their art even better.

2. Selling NFTs:

Although still in its initial stages, Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs as it is widely known has been a topic of discussion by art and crypto-enthusiasts all over the world.

NFTs can be described as digitally visible assets in a blockchain such as drawings that people can buy with undeniable proof of ownership. Currently, the NFT frenzy is centered around using technology to sell digital art but as it evolves, creators have begun thinking outside the box and not limiting it to just drawings of apes. Soon, people will be able to sell music, buildings and basically anything one can create as an NFT provided there is a market for it. With FENIX360, creators can easily sell their creations as NFTs and earn 95% of the revenue.

3. Selling Tickets:

With the traditional social media platforms, fans of creators will have to follow them on multiple apps/websites to be able to keep up with all their activities. With the FENIX360 app, fans can communicate with, and follow their favourite artists and not miss their new music or concert announcements. Fans will be able to purchase tickets to attend concerts either virtually through live streaming on the app or at a real physical location.

4. Selling Merchandise:

Instead of giving a record label a huge percentage from earnings from the sale of your merch, you can earn 95% using the FENIX360 app. The app was built with the welfare of creators at heart, it provides one location for fans to access all their music, merchandise, videos, tickets, social media and so much more.

5. Live streaming:

Although live streaming was introduced way before the pandemic hit, its patronage skyrocketed during and even now as we are still transitioning into the post quarantine world. Creatives have become more creative and tech savvy than ever. With the FENIX360 app, creators can directly charge viewers when they enter a room and experience backstage passes.
So what are you waiting for? Get on the FENIX360 app to make money hosting live Q&As, previewing some unreleased music, sharing behind the scenes content and organizing virtual concerts.

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