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Dr. Anyah picks ‘Africa’s Most Respected CEO Award’ in Mauritius

Dr. Felix Anyah, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm at Sogakope in the Volta Region as well as Holy Trinity Medical Centre in the Greater Accra Region has received Africa’s Most Respected CEO – Health Sector Award at the event held on July 28, 2022 in Mauritius.

The Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm in Sogakope was also awarded the Africa’s Best Destination Spa for Wellness Conference at this Prestigious Pan African Event.

Speaking in an interview on his return to Accra, Dr. Felix Anyah expressed his company’s gratitude to the organizers of the event dubbed Africa’s Giants hosted by the Business Executive in collaboration with the Economic Development Board in Mauritius.

According to the man, who is also the Board Chairman of the Volta Regional Teaching Hospital, there were about 35 Awards going to recipients from different African Countries such as Healthcare Incubator, Digital Solutions, Telecommunications, Brand Advertising and Renewable Energy going to Kenya, Mauritius, Ethiopia, South Africa and Zimbabwe respectively.

Dr. Felix Anyah, who is also the former Chief Executive Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, has won several awards already in this country.
Some of these Awards include:
1. The Millennium Excellence Award in Medicine by the Millennium Excellence Foundation, with His Royal Majesty Asantehene, the King of Asante Kingdom, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, the Founder, in the presence of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo at the Manhyia Palace.

2. Most Respected CEO- Health Sector in Ghana 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 by the Business Executive.

3. Overall Best CEO (Public and Private Sector) of the year 2017 by the 8th Ghana Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executive.

4. Best Health CEO of the year by the 7th Africa Health Legendary Awards.

5. Best Healthcare CEO of the year by the 8th Ghana Entrepreneurs Foundation.

6. Best CEO in Facility Management by the Business Executive Excellence Awards.

7. Health Laureate, the United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

8. Best Integrative Health Provider of the year 2016 and 2017, by the 4th Business Executive Excellence Awards

9. Best Entrepreneur in Health Service Award

10. Best Occupational Health Practitioner by the 3rd Environmental, Health and Safety Awards.

11. Ghana Entrepreneur Hall of Fame (Health Services) by the Ghana Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive Awards.

12. Responsible Health and Wellbeing Facility of the year by the Responsible Business and Leadership Excellenc Awards

13. Brand of the year (Health Facility) by the Ghana Corporate Brands Awards.

14. Lifetime Achievement in Medical Practice in Ghana by the Pillars of Modern Ghana Awards.

15. TNG Health Personality of the year by the Heroes of Distinction Awards.

16. Promotion of Healthy Society in Ghana by the Society of Medical and Dental Practitioners of Ghana.

17. Excellence in Private Sector Healthcare by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana.

18. Award for Contribution to Primary Healthcare in Ghana by the Ghana Employers Awards (GEA).

19. Hall of Fame Inductee-Health and Medical Service, by the Ghana Entrepreneur Awards.

20. Most Outstanding Persons of the Decade 2000-2010 by the Global Centre for Transformational Leadership.

21. Nelson Mandela Gold Award for Leadership by the Pan African Transparent Leadership Centre.

22. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Africa Leadership Award.

23. Business Support Health Service of the year by the Ghana Entrepreneur Awards.

24. Golden Star for Exemplary and Effective Leadership in West Africa and Central Africa by the 15th Africa Security Watch Awards, Banjul-Gambia.

25. Seal of Distinction and Exemplary Leadership Award by the West Africa Nobles Forum.

26. Quality Leadership in Health Service 2016 and 2017, by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana.

27. Lifetime Achievement Award by the Business Leaders Excellence Awards.

28. Premium Quality Healthcare Brand of the year Award by the Global Business Quality Awards.

29. Premium Quality West African Health Tourism Brand of the year.

30. Special Award, Health Tourism by the Diamond Jubilee Business Excellence Awards.

31. Plaque of Honors- Security Watch Africa.

32. Best Innovator in Medical Spa System by the 4th Business Executive Excellence Awards.

33. Outstanding Destination Spa of the year by the West Africa Business Excellence Awards.

34. Best Rehabilitation Medical Spa in West Africa by the 5th Business Executive Excellence Awards.

35. Spa and Health Service of the year by Entrepreneur Foundation of Ghana.

36. Best Spa in Ghana by the TMG Cooperate Executive Excellence Awards.

37. Best Health/Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa by the West African Tourism Hospitality.

38. The Most Patronized Medical Tourism Destination by the TNG, Corporate Excellence Awards

39. Best Spa in Ghana by the West African Magazine.

40. Best Spa Platinum Award 2010, 2011, 2011 by the West African Tourism Hospitality Award.

Speaking in a welcome address at the mammoth Thanksgiving Party attended by staff of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre, comprising the hospital in Accra and the Spa and Health Farm in Sogakope, on Sunday, 7 August, 2022, Dr. Mrs. Dzormeku, the Director of Medical Services of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre, thanked the Almighty God, the Visionary leader of the facility, Dr. Felix Anyah, the Board, Management and Staff of the Medical Centre for remaining committed to the Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategies in Pioneering Wellness through Integrative Health/ Medicine for Health and Medical Tourism.

She noted that the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm is the Integrative Health/Medicine Department of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre.

She explained that, Integrative Health/Medicine harmonizes scientific or orthodox Medical Practices with Health Practices that Science has not proven, such as herbs, Prayer, acupuncture, water, sound, climate, motion therapies, called Alternative Health/Medicine, together with Health Practices that assist Orthodox Scientific Health including physical exercises, healthy diet, sleep.

These are called Complementary Health/Medical Services.

The Director of Medical Services continued that Integrative Health/Medicine has Health Promotion and Disease Prevention as one of it’s Pivot and thus enhances productivity and reduce expenditure on Orthodox Medical Services.

Dr. Mrs. Dzormeku confirmed that, as the First Spa in West Africa, the Spa has been misrepresented as a hotel and emphasized that the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm is a Health Facility and a Department of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre, and not a hotel.

Spas she continued, have different categories and Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm, founded by a Doctor, has doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, radiographers, dentists, dietitians, clinical psychologists, with all Orthodox Medicine Hospital structures as well as pastors, Herbal Medicine Practitioners, exercise physiologists and so on, and consequently classified as a Destination Spa, Hospital and Rehabilitation Spa, Medical Spa, Wellness Centre Spa, Health Farm, and occasionally provides Day Spa Services.

The concept of Spa in the provision of Healthcare she explained, are rooted in the:
Firstly, World Health Organization’s Definition of Health as “Health is the complete state of Physical, Psychological, Social, Emotional and Spiritual well-being of an individual, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity “

Secondly, The World Health Organization Primary Healthcare Strategy of Introducing Traditional Medicine into Healthcare Delivery Launched in 1979.

Thirdly, The Traditional Medicine Practice Act (Act 575 of AD 2000) of Ghana.

Fourthly, The Regenerative Health and Nutrition Plan of the Ghana Ministry of Health focusing primarily on Health Promotion through Healthy Lifestyle.

One of the Products of the Centre, which was recognized in Mauritius, was Wellness Healthy Lifestyle Conference.

Dr. Mrs. Dzormeku, reiterated that lifestyle non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, stress disorders, diabetes, sleep disorders, high blood cholesterol, depression, suicide, anxiety, back and neck pains, migraine, enlarged prostate, overweight, peptic Ulcer, ischemic heart diseases, blood clots and cancers are severely affecting the productive sector of the economy especially those in the middle and upper class, globally more than Infections.

Most of these lifestyle problems cause death but may show little or no symptoms.

Hypertension for example, has earned the name “Silent Killer”

So is the tragic increase in blood clots especially in the legs causing strokes, heart attacks or sudden death especially on aircrafts, otherwise called Economy Class Syndrome.

The Spa’s Wellness Healthy Lifestyle conference strategically provide Accommodation, Meals, Conference Halls to attract busy executives who may have ill-health from these lifestyle non-communicable ailments but most have no symptoms of sickness, yet may develop sudden death, strokes, heart attack, etc.

Anchored with all Orthodox Hospital professional facilities such as laboratory, X-ray, Scans, Dental Care, ECG, Ultrasound Scans, Echocardiogram, Dental Clinic, in-house Doctor, as well as physical exercise facilities, sleep promoting services, dietitian, clinical psychologists, doctors consultation, first class gym, large Kaleidoscope swimming pool, Health Shop, as well as several relaxing, detoxifying Spa services such as Infrared Sauna, Hydrotherapy, Massages, Hair Salon for males and females, cruise speed boats, Yacht, Houseboats, 100 Seater Cinema and a Club & Lounge Built on the Volta River, the Award received in Mauritius as AFRICA’S BEST DESTINATION SPA FOR WELLNESS CONFERENCE is poised to help many more business Executives to prioritize Wellness.

The Holy Trinity Spa is the preferred Destination for Honeymoon, Health Vacations, Addiction Management, Stress management, Convalescence Home, Wellness Conference, Mood Disorders-Depression, Mania, Dental Care, Weight Management, Laboratory Cholesterol and PSA Tests, Dietitian Counseling on Diet, Clinical Psychologist Counseling on Behavior Change for Wellness, Optometrist Consultation on Eyes, Physiotherapy counseling, Stress Analysis on Arrival/Departure, Medical Examinations Retreat, Facial Treatments, Pedicure and Manicure, Hair barbering for males, Hair washing /Styling , Boat Cruises, Yacht Cruises, Wellness Body Massages, Aromatherapy Hydro-Massage Jacuzzi Bath, Honeymoon Delux Houseboat Cruising and Kinetic Sports.

The success of the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm is due to its Vision, Mission to provide structures, Operations for the 10 Pillars for Wellness:
Pillar 1- Regular and appropriate physical exercise

Pillar 2- Scientific and restful sleep

Pillar 3- Health diet

Pillar 4- Detoxification (including fasting)

Pillar 5- Management of stress and stress disorders

Pillar 6- Supplements

Pillar 7- Attitudes

Pillar 8- Spirituality

Pillar 9- Complementary and and alternate medicine .

Pillar 10- Orthodox medicine

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