May 30, 2024 1:54 pm

‘How dare you?’ – Aisha Huang’s lawyer takes Abu Jinapor to the cleaners

Captain Nkrabeah Effah Dartey, counsel for galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang has questioned the locus of Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Samuel Abdulai Jinapor on comments made regarding the custody status of his client.

He says despite the minister having an interest in the case, he should not be making certain statements that are deemed prejudicial.

Speaking on TV3’s the Key Points with Alfred Ocansey Saturday, October 15, 2022, Mr. Effah Dartey cautioned the minister to desist from such pronouncements that may stare at him in future when he is out of office and returns to court.

“He is only a minister and tomorrow he will lose his job and join us in the court room. How dare he say that?,” livid Effah Dartey expressed.

According to the lawyer, his client was charged with same offences in 2018 and was granted bail for the case to proceed without her escaping bail.

For the minister to say “as long as the case continues, Aisha Huang will be in jail, the minister should come out and apologise.”

“In 2018 Aisha with exactly same charges which has been reshaped and brought before the Criminal Court 5 and she did not escape bail [then]”

“Hon. Abu should come and apologise because he is not a judge to say as long as long as the matter remain in court she will be remanded. Yes, the case can travel for 5 years. Last time the Attorney General said they have 8 witnesses and cross examining all of them can take some time.”

“Is that why the judge told me in open court that her mind has not changed. She did not even write anything she only said ‘my mind has not changed’. Should I assume that she said that because perhaps Jinapor had said Aisha should not be granted bail?” he asked.

Abu Jinapor had said Aisha Huang was going to remain in custody until her case is ruled notwithstanding the distance it travels.

“Nothing will be done to this woman. She will not even be prosecuted. She is so connected. She has, you know, excuse my language ‘sextapes with ministers, big government officials. She is connected all the way to the top’. That was the initial narrative. We all have to recall that and that government cannot do anything.

“Here we are, she’s been charged with the severest of offences. The Attorney General is prayed before the court successfully to secure a remand until conclusion of the case and that is totally unprecedented. It normally doesn’t happen. The court will normally remand an accuse person for a period of time and then on each occasion the lawyer for the accused persons will reapply for bail. The judge is allowed to grant bail.

“On this occasion, at the instance of the Attorney General, the accused person is being remanded until the conclusion of the case even if the case was to travel for five years, Aisha Huang would be in prison custody for five years,” Abu Jinapor, the Lands and Natural Resources minister, had disclosed.


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