May 30, 2024 7:28 pm

The brain to rule does not dwell in grey hair – Ivan Kyei to NPP government

Ivan Innocent Kyei, a youth activist and social commentator has taken a swipe on ‘the grey hair being a sign of wisdom’ as an African adage.

To him, what the old men at the hem of affairs have demonstrated in governance so far contravenes that assertion, considering how poor things have become.

Speaking on Maakye Tuesday, November 1, 2022, on Onua TV, Ivan Kyei who was speaking about the depreciated Cedi and lack of any permanent measure for the government to avert the situation said there are hard-core policies the government can implement to halt the depreciation but failed to list any when the President addressed the nation Sunday.

Rather than relying on the IMF and adopting a knee jerk approach in such instances, the youth activist pronounced government rather makes owning the dollar unattractive to give value to the Cedi.

Mr. Kyei continued that many are possessing the dollar without actually needing it but just because a they are making business out of it.

“There are a lot of people in Ghana who own the dollar but do not need it. You bring regulations which make the owning of dollar unattractive. A Ghanaian with access to the dollar must be those who are travelling. He never helped in the conversation with the Cedi-dollar thing. He only rehashed the black market thing he has been talking about already.

“The brain to do governance or rule does not dwell in grey hair and these people have clearly showed it.

“People are benefiting from the depreciation because they put the dollar in their rooms so they don’t put any measures to stabilise the Cedi,” he ranted.


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