June 13, 2021 5:47 am

Captain Smart discloses number of current, former African leaders owning mansions in Ghana

Captain Smart has revealed there are 24 former African heads of state who have bought mansions in Accra, Ghana’s capital.

He says there are 18 other current presidents on the continent who come to spend their weekends in Ghana and depart to their home countries on Mondays.

On the Smart Show on Smart TV Thursday, May 27, 2021, Mr. Smart said such leaders would have loved to stay in their homeland if they had anything better to show for their leadership.

In a closely monitored show by, he averred the rate at which Africa is poor and hungry despite having all it takes to be wealthy, outweighs the confidentiality with which the National Security wants such information to be kept.

“About 24 former African presidents have houses in Ghana and 18 current presidents come to spend weekends here. If they did things well in their countries, would they have come here? The National Security will tell you– you don’t have to be specific with some of these information but today I’m sorry, I’ve failed you National Security, I’ve said it and very soon, I’ll be mentioning their names,” he said.

He alleged that even though the minimum deposit required from foreigners to save in Switzerland is $500,000.00, over 700,000 foreigners are saving there with 60% being African politicians.

He chastised the rate at which some African leaders have enriched themselves at the expense of their states, citing former president Abacha of Nigeria, who was three times richer than the Federal Republic due to the booty he saved outside Nigeria as an example. Nevertheless, some of the current leadership are fuelling the activities of Boko Haram terrorists to siphon the oil of the African giants.

Also, whilst an amount of $3.7 million was discovered under the bed of late Iddi Amin after his demise, Mr. Smart said Mozambique’s Samora Marshall was killed in a plane because he was blocking loopholes to prevent people from stealing. He noted just one person had stolen close to $1 billion in Mozambique then.

According to the 2017 World Market Survey, $199.99 billion comes to Africa annually whilst $984 billion leaves the continent. Meanwhile, the global mineral deposit is owned in Africa by the following percentages according to UNESCO:

“Bauxite 89.4%; Diamond 43.3%; Gold 40%; Platinum and Chromium 95%; Uranium and Cobalt 95%; Natural gas 18%; Arable land 65% (the 5% is on top of the buildings where tomatoes can grow well); Renewable fresh water 47%; Manganese 42%; Human Resource 100% (Between 15 and 50 years constitute the largest percentage of Africa’s population); Oil 18% (9.9 million barrels a day)– yet, Captain Smart added “a young ladg needs to open her legs before given an employment in Africa because there are no jobs.”

The Broadcaster further intimated “China owns 92% shares of the Zambia Broadcasting Corporation because they borrowed $2.3 billion and they couldn’t pay. They (China) also own 60% of the police force in Zambia because they took loan to buy boots for the police and they couldn’t pay.”

Expressing his disappointment in the African leadership, he recounted how Zambia sold off a $50 billion worth of cobalt to a Chinese firm which needed only $33 million dollars to restructure it. Meanwhile, the Chinese firm borrowed same amount from banks in Zambia at a rat 0.95% interest rate, raised $7 billion in 3 months, and sold off the cobalt to a US company.

With the resources the continent is endowed with, Captain Smart quizzed “why is 82% of Africa’s population still hungry and poor?”

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