July 23, 2021 11:56 pm

Where next from the galamsey sites? – Captain Smart quizzes

Host of the Smart Show on Smart TV, Blessed Godsbrain Smart has questioned how government intends integrating the youth in galamsey into the society after taking them off the sites.

He says even though he fully supports government’s fight against illegal mining, the heinousness of job deficit in the country is so troubling to warrant questioning where these youth would be settled in the society.

On the Thursday, June 10 edition of the show, Mr. Smart noted even though galamsey is not a legal enterprise, unemployment forced many youth into it, and would personally regard it a ‘noble’ activity compared to stealing, despite his opposition to it.

According to him, research has shown that when people are not happy, they become violent, and this poses massive threat to the nation’s security, asking the leadership to adopt a strategy to curtail the repercussions of the aftermath.

“…Research also shows that when people are not happy, they become violent. This research was conducted in Tokyo with 6000 youth between the ages of 16 to 31. After the research, it showed the unhappy Africans were very violent but when they’re taken to a place of happiness, they become timid”

“When the youth are not happy, they become violent, annoyed, frustrated, and when such youth get any weapon in times of anything, what do you think would happen?”

“I support the fight against galamsey 100% but my fear is after bringing these youth from the bush where they went because they had no jobs, how would we integrate them into the society? What jobs are we going to give them?,” he interrogated.

Let alone, Captain Smart stated, “stupidity, absurdity, foolishness is what African leaders exhibit when their people aren’t happy” instead of providing what they want to make them happy.

He advanced that the proliferation of extremists in Africa is as a result of unemployment which has resulted in unhappiness.

“Why are there many extremists in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali and many parts of Africa? It is because they’re not happy. Many acts from the youth which you call youthful exuberance is youthful hardship,” adding that “many young ladies need to sleep with men before they can eat because there are no jobs. 11 year olds are getting pregnant whilst teenagers are doing blood money all because of the hardship in the system,” he explained.

Also, the youth in the churches according to the presenter are not happy and the moral decadence that has set into the society is a sign of hardship which the leaders aren’t bothered about.

“Whenever you realise many of the youth want to become pastors, it means the country has collapsed. It is because the system is not right, everybody thinks they can hide behind Christ, invite the people and collect money from them”

“Commercialising the name of Christ has become the order of the day so many youth walk with Bibles in their armpit suggesting they have found Christ but they’re hungry. We need to create happiness for people,” he said

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