May 28, 2024 12:29 am

What Doumbouya told Conde two days before ousting his gov’t – Captain Smart reveals

“If the people are crushed by their elites, it is up to the army to give the people their freedom” is the statement Mamady Doumbouya supposedly delivered to Alpha Conde on September 3, before ousting him two days later, on September 5, 2021.

According to Captain Smart, host of Onua TV/FM’s ‘Maakye’, who made the revelation, the classified source that relayed the information to him after the uprising disclosed that the coup frontiers expected Alpha Conde to promptly exhibit a precursor to a new Guinea but remained adamant.

The above statement, quoted from Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings of blessed memory, a two-time military coup leader who also established Ghana’s longest and most successful republic, was repeated during Doumbouya’s initial address to Guineans after the coup.

Captain Smart averred further that each Member of Parliament has been assigned a military officer to ensure maximum protection and restriction within the boundaries of Guinea until the day for probity and accountability dues.

Doumbouya, according to Captain Smart, is going to demand reasons from each of the MPs to explain to Guineans why they voted in support of the overthrow of the old constitution to allow Conde to run for a third term.

The host of Onua TV/FM’s ‘Maakye’ also noted all ministers of state’s visas have been seized, barring them to exit the jurisdictions of the polity.

Meanwhile, there is an allegation of palm greasing before the new constitution was promulgated by the legislature.

“Doumbouya has assigned one military officer to each MP. All ministers visas have been seized. If you know any Guinean minister, invite him to Ghana and see if he can come.”

“A news portal is alleging that each MP received 1 million euros to overthrow the old constitution for the new one to make Conde contest till he dies. That one I can’t tell whether it is true or not because I only read from one of the international media.”

“So the MPs are going to answer to Doumbouya why they changed that constitution,” he indicated Friday, September 10, 2021, whilst monitored.

This, Mr. Smart has cautioned, should be a guide to leaders of the regional blocs on what’s pending in Nigeria and Gabon.


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