May 30, 2024 6:34 pm

Anti-gay Bill; Parliament will pass it, Supreme Court will reverse it – Nigel Gaisie

Founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has prophesied that Parliament will pass the Anti-Gay Bill but will not stand the test of time.

He says even through the legislature will pass the bill, the Supreme Court will revert it on the basis of human rights violation.

Prophet Gaisie said some three people will take the issue to court to effect the reversal.

In a video aired on Onua TV/FM’s ‘Maakye’ on Monday, October 25, 2021, monitored by, the Divine Leader was seen prophesying on November 29, 2020, that God has rejected President Akufo-Addo’s administration and should they maintain power, homosexuality discussions would resurface and subsequently be admitted into the country.

He alleged some monies have exchanged hands and the reason the bill is facing fierce opposition.

“Parliament will pass the law but three people will take it to court and the Supreme Court will reverse it on human right issues,” he stated.

Due to what he termed as “fear and panic” the Prophet in his utterances used “Umofia” figuratively to represent the country Ghana, saying it is going to be pivotal in championing the agenda in the West African sub-region.

“They will use Umofia as the centre to spread homosexuality in West Africa. I’m saddened by the [current] leadership because a President who has Mills in his name was emphatic that it won’t happen at his time, another one also called Mahama was emphatic but the current executive leader of the country is not saying anything. I’m expecting the leadership to make a definite position,” he told host, Captain Smart.

Parliament is expected to resume this week to begin discussions on so many issues with the Anti gay bill being pivotal due to the numerous and diverse debate it has generated since it was presented to the House.

Whilst some senior lawyers, heads of CSOs and academics think the bill violates human rights, most Ghanaians, per a survey conducted by the CDD-Ghana believe the bill is apt and it’s the only means to curb the state of an abomination as heinous as homosexuality.

Many religious groups have also kicked against it, with the Church of Pentecost threatening to vote out any politician who will oppose the bill.

The Ningo Prampram Legislator, Samuel Nartey George, who is the lead sponsor of the bill has received several threats on his life and called names by foreign nations pushing for the passage of the bill.

Meanwhile, he says he is unperturbed by their threats and still holds LGBTQ+ is not a proper human sexual orientation ordained by God and is an affront to the customs and culture of Ghana.


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