May 28, 2024 1:31 am

Why pastors suffer most in marriages – Prophet Kumchacha reveals

General Overseer of Heavens Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Kumchacha has averred men of God suffer the most in their marital homes.

According to him, Men of God are the category of persons living in marriages that look more of hell.

He added that being a man of God leaves one in a very difficult situation since their status make it even worse for them to complain when they are not enjoying in their homes.

He noted these pastors have to endure the circumstances they find themselves because in most cases, they can’t voice out their predicament due to their statuses.

Speaking on Accra-based Onua FM/TV ‘Maakye’ morning show, on the topic “why couples endure but not enjoying their marriages” he said some married pastors have troublesome partners but have no choice than to remain silent.

“You see, when members and elders of churches have issues in their marital homes, they rush to we pastors in the quest to finding solutions”

“But whenever pastors are having problems in their marital homes they hesitate to tell people to ask for help because of the fear of the unknown in regards to trust issues which is keen to them” Kumchacha told host, Captain Smart.

To this, he added that majority of Men of God in the country have died prematurely as a result of blood pressure with others too secretly suffering from the sickness over pressure they go through.

Prophet Kumchacha further underlined how these pastors have become victims to brutality at the hands of their spouses internally, a situation he said make majority unhappy, leaving an atmosphere that makes it difficult for them going to their matrimonial homes peacefully after their usual schedules.

That notwithstanding, he attributed blames of the high rate of marriage problems to men since they rush in choosing soulmates that possess beauty over character.

Prophet Kumchacha advised colleague men of God especially the youth to be vigilant in choosing career partners to avoid being victims of the menace.

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