May 30, 2024 1:40 pm

River gods to embark on demonstration against ‘galamseyers’ – Fetish priest reveals

The Influx of galamsey which has resulted in the destruction of water bodies and forest reserves has raised questions of the whereabouts of the gods who some believe have these places as their abode.

The believe is that most of these rivers which were named after these lesser gods including Pra, Densu, Ankobra, Birim among others are possessed by these gods.

This makes many question whether the gods have vacated their homes due to these galamsey activities.

However, a renowned fetish priest, Nana Tano Kwaw of Ayesakrom at Axim during an interaction on Connect FM’s ‘Tsetse Wɔ Bi Ka’ show revealed that these gods are really angry and have thus invaded various homes with strange diseases.

Also, he said the gods have possessed young persons and caused the collapse of mining pits all signifying their wrath.

“The gods are really angry. Their homes have been destroyed and as a result they are now residing with us in our homes. That is why we are now encountering strange ailments and mining pit collapse among others” he told Paa Kojo Peters, host of the show.

Nana Tano Kwaw surprisingly revealed that the gods will soon embark on a demonstration to further register their displeasure over the destruction of their abodes through galamsey.

He warned the consequences of this demonstration by the gods could be dire and would affect various stakeholders involved in the menace including traditional authorities and politicians.

“Don’t be surprised that the gods will soon be embarking on a massive demonstration and the consequences will reflect physically which will be so dire. Everyone involved in the destructions will feel the consequences including traditional authorities, individuals and politicians,” he disclosed.


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