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Trade Ministry calls for public recommendations on automation of state institutions

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) is calling on the public to assist the government in its institutional automation agenda.

As part of government’s intention to digitalise the economy for effective service delivery by state institutions, the MoTI, which is coordinating the processes says the public’s contribution on how they want some enterprises to function will be of much benefit.

Head of Business Regulatory Reforms (BRR) Programme at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Diana Afriyie Addo, disclosed during one of IMANI-GIZ’s Dialogue Series on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Diana Afriyie Addo is the head of BRR at MoTI

With the session theme on ‘Business registration, regulation, property rights and its impact on Ghana’s business climate’, the event brought together stakeholders to discuss how the challenges in the sector will be addressed.

Elucidation on land acquisition and its registration, the Registrar General’s development so far on digitalising their services, what the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is doing, the MoTI’s role in coordinating these activities amongst others were discussed.

In an exclusive with Ghanasonline.com, Mrs. Afriyie Addo avowed the public can either use the complaint units of the various institutions for these recommendations, or write directly to the ministry.

“Some of the activities that we are reforming are being implemented by institutions and it is services that they’re rendering and if you go there and you are not satisfied with the service, most of the institutions there have complaint units and you can also communicate to us because we are doing the work together.”

“So if you have any institution that’s rendering a service and you know there is something that needs to be done with this particular service that they’re rendering, then you can send us that recommendation so that we also communicate to that institution.

“You can send the recommendation to the Business Regulatory Reforms Unit (BRRU) or you can write directly to the Chief Director at the MoTI and attention the BRRU that these are the recommendations that you have in relation to a reform that needs to be done for a particular institution,” she explained.

The Ministry, according to Mrs. Afriyie Addo also have a portal that can be accessed on www.bcp.gov.gh.

Source: Ghanasonline.com

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