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The Gas in Human Form: The Ghana Gas success story

 It is with such ginormous jollity and ecstasy to join the hundreds and thousands of the world’s populace to celebrate the Gas in Human Form, in the person of Dr. Ben K.D. Asante, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Gas.

The success story of Ghana Gas and the CEO remain inseparable, his high flyer achievements, registered on golden plates, makes Ghana Gas a huge force in Ghana’s energy market.

Dr. Asante is the mastermind of Ghana’s first Gas Master Plan in 2008, with over Twenty-Five Years of superior global experience in Oil and Gas Engineering and its Management.

He doubles with a proven testament as one of the few black Oil and Gas Engineers, an expert pipeline engineer to have testified before the US Supreme Court. Dr. Asante is a former Engineering and Technical Director of Ghana’s Premier Gas Infrastructure Project which birthed Ghana Gas’ Atuabo Gas Processing Plant and its Allied Gas Infrastructure in the Western Region.

Currently, he is a lecturer at the School of Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The notable works of Dr. Asante has earned envious awards, both global and local, they include the following; The Best Worker for the Year for Excellence at the Global Energy Firm, Enron Corporation in 2001. In 2019, he was declared the 2019 Energy Personality by Ghana Energy Awards Scheme, again, leading Ghana Gas to win the prestigious Energy Company of the Year award of the same scheme. He also emerged victorious as the CEO of the year, Public Sector, 2020, Ghana Business Awards.

Notable among the exceptional works of Dr. Asante is the absolute indigenization of the core operations of the Gas Processing Plant, a stellar move that changed the operatorship of the GPP from Sinopec to empowered Ghanaian locals to operate the plant, saving the company huge sums of dollars.

The incredible feat with Ghana Gas’ indigenization is the record time of three years to move totally from an expatriate operatorship to a complete Ghanaian operatorship. Nigeria used over forty years to indigenize their gas operatorship, Trinidad used over fifty years. This gives a highlighter to the indigenization process of Ghana Gas, ably led by the Gas Genius, Dr. Asante.

As a passionate sports enthusiast, Dr. Asante is a two-time elected National President of the Hockey Sporting Discipline. With him as the CEO of Ghana Gas, the dilapidated hockey park has gotten a fully renovated park with additional facilities and equipment.

Over fifty Astroturf have been built nationwide, classroom blocks, libraries, computer labs, resources centers and the likes have been translated from letter to reality, these projects are dotted all over Ghana.

This is the man we join the world to celebrate on an auspicious day of his. His exemplary life and leadership, makes him a persona par excellence, most worthy of emulation.
A special happy birthday to you, Dr. Ben. K. D. Asante, Our father and boss.


Harry Aboagye Augustine

Romeo Oduro

Tinkaro Asare Osei


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